Trimming character animations improvments
Currently... if you have a character doing a string of movements or emotions.. you can only trim the beginning of the first one and the end of the last one. Why not have them all individually controlled?

Tyler Pertree shared this idea 28/04/20 00:49
Robert Tostevin 30/05/20 08:33
This would be great to have - sometimes the way a character goes "back to idle" in between the string of animations is inappropriate - example : if you have an angry action followed by an impatient or waiting action you see the character going back to a happy/smiley pose in between these 2 negative emotions
Marcus Bale 20/01/21 17:29
Absolutely, I don;t understand why a character who is meant to be sad has a smile at the beginning or at the end. It doesnt make sense. And the whole trimming gets quite tricky if you have to can edit within a string of actions (you have to have all the actions separated, its quite a big hassle.