add grid as in doodly
please add a grid option like in doodly.

Leonido Gebhard shared this idea 02/04/19 23:44
Kevin Luff 03/04/19 21:35
Jaime AG 31/05/19 14:07
Please, this seems quite easy, straightforward and needed. Even one Toonly user created a video with some trick to align text due to the lack of grids! Pretty sad, ain't it? https://www.facebook.com/groups/toonly/permalink/611440366036281/
Andrew Carter 02/06/19 18:56
I would agree that this is an important aspect to assist with lining up characters/objects etc.
Chris Mooney 07/02/20 15:10
Tedious and inaccurate to organize text elements with the mouse. It would help if you could do this like you can in PowerPoint.
Paul Burton 27/02/20 12:31
This says "completed' but I can't find any settings for a grid in Toonly....am I missing something????
Rosina Iglesias 08/08/21 06:59
As Paul said, it says "completed", but I can't either find it on Toonly.