Select multiple objects, edit at same time
Hold shift to click on Multiple OBJECTS so that one can apply same animation effects to objects quickly and easily.

Gad Amer shared this idea 23/03/19 15:46
Steve 27/03/19 14:59
Darcy Peters 30/03/19 17:57
Yes! I tried to do this intuitively yesterday (like expanding the length of my many objects and characters), and was sad to discover that I had to drag each over on their own.
Esther Anderson 18/04/19 00:51
Bill Fry 20/04/19 01:07
I agree with Darcy, I do it intuitivley, so easy to learn and use
Sarah Xu 29/04/19 23:02
Yes, this would be great. Also, if you could group selected objects so they move, bounce and fade at the same time that would be great (e.g. you could put a hat as an object on a character and have that hat move with them.)
MIke 02/05/19 18:52
It would be a great feature to have
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:35
Yes! Please, it'd be a huge huge time saver!
Karen Loftus 06/05/19 22:42
Jeff Hug 27/05/19 14:28
It looks like my new request here duplicates this one. https://www.toonly.com/requests/home/idea/364/move-multiple-timeline-items I'll add my comment here so to ensure it's captured. It would be helpful if we could select multiple items in the timeline and shift them altogether. This would prevent having to move and re-adjust 10, 20, or even more items, just because you adjusted one. For instance, if I have an object at the beginning of my timeline that I want to stretch out a couple seconds longer, I now need to individually move each item down further to accommodate this.
Radimir Relator 30/05/19 05:49
Dennis Devine 04/06/19 05:01
Yes, Something that would be very helpful
Dennis Devine 04/06/19 05:15
Yes, a very useful Idea
Eric Schaefges 11/06/19 13:40
agreed, i tried to do this and assumed i could, was a pain to do otherwise
Yael Blumenfeld Ltd. 23/06/19 11:22
Yes Please!
Pascal 11/07/19 21:12
** Also it would be nice copy and paste them **
Fabricio Garcia 06/04/20 17:46
Me parece genial al igual que pongan que se pueds agregar el mismo objeto en la misma línea de tiempo para hacer otras animaciónes como lo tienen los personajes