Text Formatting
Please allow the text to be formatted more like it is with the Doodly program. Allow the ability to (1) wrap text, (2) format - right/center/left alignment, (3) and the ability to change the degree of the positioning of the text (differing angles).

Rachael Halimon shared this idea 02/04/19 18:28
Regan 07/04/19 06:38
Hi. I'd also like to be able to put in simple unanimated text that behaves like an object, with object like in and out effects.
Tanveer ul Islam 26/04/19 12:01
This is much required to make our videos look professional when it comes to text animation. At the moment its is at very very basic level. Hope you will be considering below several functionalities adding to text animation feature. 1) Be able to break a long text line into several lines as we require as we usually do this by placing the cursor at place of choice and hitting 'Enter'. 2- Ability to control the vertical spacing between lines 3- Ability to control horizontal spacing between the characters 4-Ability to right, left and center align the whole text block 5- Ability to change increase and decrease font size 6- Ability to put a sharp and crisp outline around text and then able to increase and decrease the thickness of outline. Thanks for listening. Tanveer
Josecar 04/05/19 09:11
They have said this feature will also include this text effect: "Centred blurred shadow effect behind the text". That is the best option for making it readable in every situation. This is something similar to an outlined text but it does look much more modern and cool. You can see an example here https://www.facebook.com/groups/toonly/permalink/596866267493691/
Radimir Relator 30/05/19 05:55
Radimir Relator 30/05/19 05:55
Paul 11/06/19 16:21
Absolutely agree! This is basic stuff so I was pretty surprised (shocked actually) not to be able to do it. I spent way too long trying to figure out how to do it, as I could imagine it wouldn't allow it. I don't recall ever seeing a graphics program that didn't allow multiline text, or at least not since the 1980s. Come on guys. This isn't so much a feature request as just an essential must-have. There's that development mnemonic that spells MoSCoW. M is Must Have, S is Should Have, C is Could Have and W is Won't Have (if I remember it rightly). This most definitely falls into the Must Have list and should have been there from the get-go.
Yogesh Kumar 16/07/19 11:40
This a very basic feature which makes it very hard to use toonly.
Carlos Garcia 24/07/19 06:57
Yes, please. More text options are a must.
Evgeny 31/08/19 14:59
I would be very helpful for me to be able to write longer texts and make them look like a bubble.
Hoe Yee Pin 28/09/19 14:45
The lack of this feature alone was enough to put me off Toonly. I took too long to discover this and would have asked for a refund if I discovered this within the refund period.
Nancy Potts 02/10/19 03:05
I would like to be able to change the type of text (smooth/slidy/marching/etc) without deleting and retyping the text.
Abhishek 20/10/19 09:00
Multi line text is urgently needed for full page explanations. Text wrapping is much needed and a basic feature request.
Any Nguyen 11/12/19 02:37
Yeah, I also need to disable the shadow of the text sometimes.
Johannes Cajegas 24/12/19 18:47
Text formating will really help!
zaldy 21/01/20 00:51
Hello, i would like to request also to add feature for text to be in perspective view.
James Young 28/01/20 14:59
"Admin 04/05/19 08:00 flag comment This feature has already been requested. Kindly submit your vote and thoughts here: https://www.toonly.com/requests/home/idea/107/text-formatting" The above admin comment comes from a request to allow removal of the shadow added to text by default. The feature requested on this page is not the same. The shadow reduces readability and it would be wonderful to be able to remove it. After all, it's added by Toonly, I never asked for it!
Randy Thomas 02/02/20 22:12
I have to say, I am at the highest level in your system and I am a little disappointed with only having 5 Text animations. Please create more or make a pull down with 30 or 40 different animations to select from for any text. The other option is to show us how to create our own text animations and allow us to upload them like we upload objects. I really love this software but you have got to do something with the text animations!
Panagiota Florou Georgaki 09/02/20 19:26
Yes, please, that would be very helpful!
berd 12/05/20 10:09
Good idea
Lydia Ng 14/05/20 10:47
This is very useful. Kindly work on it. Thank you.
Paul Benedict Imperio 24/08/20 21:34
I agree that is wanted too
David 23/08/20 15:37
Please add this Text-Wrap option to Toonly guys. It's essential for doing explainer vids. I've added this note below about it elsewhere, sorry for repeating it, but this is the only place I know where it can be requested. Thanks & Regards I'm requesting again to add a multiple lines text option to Toonly. I last requested it on 22/05/20 20:27. There are many people still looking for this option. It should be a basic fundamental in an explainer-video software like this. What is happening on this Toonly? please let us know.
Shiv Shanker 11/08/20 16:49
Must to have feature
Timothy 05/06/20 18:59
How is this not yet implemented?! I love the Toonly app so far, but the text options are INCREDIBLY limited. I'm very surprised. I want text (without a drop shadow!) to behave like an object.
Andrew Humphreys 18/06/20 14:47
Absolutely required along with the ability to adjust/edit text after the event...
Drago Ivanov 12/03/21 11:03
Text handling is disappointing, to say the least. Such a basic feature and it is missing in Toonly.
Katie Campbell 17/02/21 02:00
This is a MUST for me. It's available in doodly and should also be available in toonly. It's a pain to have to add one line at a time and try to fit text into the speech bubble. I have to use a third party video editing software to make this happen. Very annoying!
D Bruce Stevens 29/09/20 06:16
I absolutely agree. I was excited about Toonly and purchased it specifically for a project that will include a good bit of text. I thought that I was missing something and ended up searching Google to find out how do such simple things as applying the same formatting to multiple items of text. I was seriously disappointed to find out that all I can do is keep adding a new text object and laboriously changing its font, size, color, etc. I thought that maybe the SAVE button in the SETTINGS button when you click on a text object might save the current formatting, allowing you to apply it to another text object. Nope. Seriously, Bryxen? I don't mean to sound rude, but I'm very disappointed and feel like I wasted the money I paid for this software. I have chosen other software for my project. I may have continued using Toonly even if I had to create a separate text object for each line of text, as long as I didn't have to format each object from scratch. Even something as simple as a new text object picking up the formatting from the last selected or created object would have been manageable. I understand that Toonly's inspiration comes from communicating visually. But to exclude even the most basic text functions isn't a good idea. I will take another look at Toonly for my projects if the text capability is upgraded, but until then it's not useful for me.