Adding 'Voice overs'
Hi Doodly and Toonly are such great programs to work with -- a genius idea, really, but was a little disappointed that 'voice overs' were not integrated into the platform in the same way 'music files' are. Yes, there is the option to record and do your own voices, but I was kinda wishing there were voice samples also available to select from -- both cartoon and regular voices. What comes to mind is an online company called 'natural readers' but the voices are a bit robotic and I am not sure how bringing in voices may integrate well with the platform, especially if you have to merge the dictation or the narration across slides. Not sure how that would work. Whereas I feel like if 'voice' was integrated into the platform like sound [music bytes] are, it would be more technically fluid to work with. Thanks for letting me comment.

Carol Simon shared this idea 30/03/20 13:48
Admin 31/03/20 20:20
This feature has already been requested. Kindly submit your vote and thoughts here: https://www.toonly.com/requests/home/idea/84/text-to-speech-feature