Character Creation mode
Ability to create our own characters with a character creation tool. Change height, the color of skin, hairstyles, clothing, accessories with a library of prefabricated items (Think of 'The Sims' game). I believe this would save lots of time for the dev team in the future!

Sam K shared this idea 01/04/19 19:36
Jason W. Levy 07/04/19 12:53 flag comment
This would be fantastic!
Michael Friedel 10/04/19 14:14 flag comment
This could be combined with the possibility to import own characters with all of the attributes of the original ones (angry, run, walk, ...).
Nicolas Radcliffe 10/04/19 22:42 flag comment
Yes and to add bone movements for your own user uploaded images and import movements from other characters!
Darlene Bocek 14/04/19 18:35 flag comment
This could have clothing that includes biblical character clothing, related to another feature request, and facial features (beard/scarves)
Morgan Woroner 18/04/19 16:50 flag comment
I'd love to at least have basic character creation options (e.g., hair color, skin tone, body size, child, teen, adult, elderly, professional vs. casual clothing options).
Stuart Pullar 24/04/19 03:07 flag comment
Apologies - I added this idea separately. I did search for similar ideas beforehand. Anyway, I think that, while this would take a lot of work in development, once down it would exponentially extend the character universe.
Sarah Xu 29/04/19 23:16 flag comment
This feature would make the biggest difference in the world to this product. Just being able to create a basic character from a set of body types and add skin and hair colour and clothing colour would be so much more useful than having pre-made characters, and time saving for the future. This would also mean that you could have two or more characters from the same demographic interact with each other e.g. two nurses or two doctors, without having a mirrored character. Really, a user could make any of your characters into a nurse or doctor if they were able to add a stethoscope. Like wise, being able to change the characters hair colour would give you endless variation--including changing the age of characters, currently the only senior citizen in the set is Santa!
Mikkel Stanley Nielsen 01/05/19 11:14 flag comment
I agree, this would make the Toonly so much better
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:32 flag comment
Yes, I think it'd be a huge difference. A character evolves in a story, and most character don't look the same at home and at work or other places... Parents and kids need to look alike somehow, so we need to be able to make new characters.
Rebecca Strang 06/05/19 16:50 flag comment
This would be AMAZING!
Yoram 16/05/19 09:20 flag comment
That's a brilliant Idea (at least the option of changing skin color for ethnicity and diversity) I actually wanted to get more ethnic diversity (dark skinned business woman or man) - but this feature will negate this if the character is vector based and layer based (which i suspect it is) it should be possible to assign different colors or even change clothes of a character
Jessica Tolliver 16/05/19 20:06 flag comment
This would be awesome! I was just looking through the requests to see if someone has requested what I wanted which was a lighter skinned dark haired woman with pants or capris. Only the African American women have pants. All of the asian/white/hispanic women have dresses.
Kay Duah 23/05/19 21:59 flag comment
hey check this out my son helped me make a characters mouth move. Didn't take us long he created a mouth gif and he put it in the scene https://youtu.be/-4K9Sjf5aLU I think he can add hair and other things too but I wish it all came with this.
Jan Noot 28/05/19 11:43 flag comment
I think the ability to change / customize characters is really needed. Currently, almost all created videos are lookalikes with the same persons waving, holding phones etc. At least having the possibility of changing the color of hair, skin, clothes would help.
Andres Felipe Moreno De Avila 29/05/19 15:51 flag comment
This is a must have feature.
Usman 29/05/19 22:29 flag comment
That would be great!
Satoshi Hashigawa 05/06/19 04:57 flag comment
Awesome Idea ! 3 votes for this !
Daryl Monnink 05/06/19 12:39 flag comment
Brilliant idea, this would both add major versatility to the app as well as offload a lot of work that would be required in the future by the devs.
Elena Gorshkova 13/06/19 20:50 flag comment
yeah! it would be great!
linda HURL 21/06/19 04:44 flag comment
this would really help me
Patricia Allard 06/07/19 16:57 flag comment
Really looking forward to this one!
Raeyna Longtin 13/07/19 10:36 flag comment
Agreed! I was a bit disappointed to see how few body types are available-- all of the characters are tall and slender, for example. Women are primarily in dresses... It would be nice to be able to create/ modify characters to get away from all of the stereotypical characters.
Shane Longtin 13/07/19 14:01 flag comment
Think Wii....
Kiesten 18/07/19 01:58 flag comment
Great idea. I could definitely use this tool.
Nagender Bojjawar 23/07/19 12:06 flag comment
I need it . It will make the app awesome. I like to change the dress and hair styles. Even changing the hair style looks like a its a different character :)
Carlos Garcia 24/07/19 06:48 flag comment
Totally agree. At least some basic customization options like skin color and hair color-style and some different clothing would be great
Noeleen 28/07/19 04:56 flag comment
Yes! Much more versatility is needed!
Ari Saheb 01/08/19 05:11 flag comment
Yes please, I feel that’s what’s lacking with toonly currently as other apps allow you to do more with Characters ie create character and customise it plus would be great to have them have lip synch ability also in future. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.
andrew finnestad 08/08/19 04:07 flag comment
oooh, that would be very powerful.
Cody Ford 10/08/19 17:46 flag comment
I was hoping this was already a feature - so I'm all for this idea!
james vanderkeyl 10/08/19 20:36 flag comment
gets my vote..
Hecsil Martinez Pacheco 16/08/19 23:02 flag comment
Sería buenísimo, contar con esta opción. Ya que hay clientes que no contratan los servicios solo porque el personaje no tiene ropa deportiva, etc
Deborah Williamson 22/08/19 21:14 flag comment
I would love this feature added because most of my work is done with characters I create.
Paul Yakushenkov 11/09/19 09:56 flag comment
Yes, that's really cool idea!
Carlos Soto 12/09/19 02:27 flag comment
This is a great idea
Eric Kung 25/09/19 12:59 flag comment
Voting for this, this is amazing.
Artem Krais 25/09/19 14:43 flag comment
I'm sure this gonna be the best cartoon creator environment if you gonna add a custom character creation
hung 30/09/19 16:59 flag comment
yesssss, i want to make a witch character, and other fantasy characters as well for my videos
J.B. Willers 02/10/19 00:59 flag comment
Vyond has a Customer character Designer as part of their software. I =t looks intuitive but I would way rather have this feature as part of Toonly.
Patrick 04/10/19 10:35 flag comment
Patrick 04/10/19 10:37 flag comment
But if it is a creation tool, then others will have the probability to have a the same one with you just like now. Your suggestion is great but do not fully solve the problem of everyone has their custom character representing his Company. I have another suggestion here which require Toonly to help us to create with a fee. Please vote -https://www.toonly.com/requests/home/idea/708/custom-character
dan 13/10/19 15:29 flag comment
Martin Jones 14/10/19 16:22 flag comment
This is a real must have feature that would open up so many more possibilities. I know this is a hard feature to develop so even a simple editor to change the skin, hair and clothes colours on the existing characters would be a real leap forward. A hair and clothes designer could be added after that! Thanks for a great product :)
Jeff Rosenkrans 20/10/19 19:37 flag comment
Great idea especially if we can make our own vector characters
James Jeffrey 21/10/19 01:33 flag comment
This is a much-needed feature and would add so much Toonly!
Fumie Toki 23/10/19 21:50 flag comment
This would be really so great. Like being able to change clothes, haircut, add glasses, hats...
Fumie Toki 23/10/19 21:52 flag comment
Like Sarah said : Just being able to create a basic character from a set of body types and add skin and hair colour and clothing colour would be so much more useful than having pre-made characters, and time saving for the future. This would also mean that you could have two or more characters from the same demographic interact with each other e.g. two nurses or two doctors, without having a mirrored character. Really, a user could make any of your characters into a nurse or doctor if they were able to add a stethoscope. Like wise, being able to change the characters hair colour would give you endless variation
Rhoda 24/10/19 12:09 flag comment
This would be absolutely incredible. I know many others who would purchase this product for this very reason as it could represent them exactly without actually having to face a camera!
Leandro Yoshinobu Kiyohara 25/10/19 11:03 flag comment
I think it would be the ideal and most awesome update for toonly! Please do this!!! And don’t forget to put possibility to create japanese characters (man, woman and childs) !
Andrei 30/10/19 19:15 flag comment
If you add function like cartoon animation 4 - https://youtu.be/kjFmOAobi4Y it will be killer feature)
Jason Schroeder 01/11/19 16:21 flag comment
100%.... so far none of the characters available fit our charities demographic so a waste of money to date until this kind of development happens. Sooner than later we hope.
Dave Gerrits 12/11/19 10:56 flag comment
It is a great idea. So we can create or custom characters! Very nice.
Tevya Washburn 21/11/19 22:52 flag comment
I don't even care about creating them, I just want to change some colors so some things can go together in new ways.
Richard Yehezkiel 27/11/19 06:36 flag comment
Love this idea!
Judith Melisi 28/11/19 01:41 flag comment
I have" my emoji stickers " app on my phone for texting , can we make it like that. I look just like my emoji
JenEece Phillips 28/11/19 10:31 flag comment
Can we at minimum get an update on this feature. It has the most votes and was suggested over six months ago. Toonly has a limited character base and this is even more narrow when you look at race and gender (which is a little offensive). This lack of diversity makes this wonderful app nearly useless to individuals who serve certain demographics. While Toonly states that it takes time to build more characters - it would do much more for the tool if Toonly gave us the tools to essentially build are own characters by changing basic things such as skin tone and hair color at a very minimum, and the ability to change clothes. As it is now, many of us don't have the diversity in characters we need for our business and all of our videos look alike. If you need a black professional woman, you only have one choice. Not cool! Its time for Toonly to make some headway on this.
Xavier Jacobs 02/12/19 02:53 flag comment
I was thinking the same thing and I just got the program
Dexx Williams 07/12/19 09:38 flag comment
Nothing new to add, other than just to restate how much of a game-changer such a feature would be for Toonly as a competitive advantage over other animation platforms. Body type, short limbs vs long limbs, eye colour, facial hair, hair color, clothing etc. Similiar to a lot of video games when it comes to creating the main player's avatar.
Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder 10/12/19 15:10 flag comment
David 23/12/19 17:48 flag comment
really important
Johannes Cajegas 24/12/19 18:47 flag comment
Please consider this!
KLM 02/01/20 05:10 flag comment
Please add feature; very much needed.
KING 06/01/20 07:30 flag comment
KING 06/01/20 07:30 flag comment
KING 06/01/20 07:31 flag comment
Keith Padin 09/01/20 21:06 flag comment
Oh man, to be able to personalize your amazing product even more, in this way would help with branding on both ends!
Ayoub MOSLIH 17/01/20 14:38 flag comment
in professional use it's features and very important, I would like to have it as soon as possible
Javier 27/01/20 09:17 flag comment
This would be an amazing feature and is exactly what I am looking for! :)
Matt Genevieve 02/02/20 09:34 flag comment
We‘d like to use a Memoji style editor to tweak the characters. If I can make characters look like our actual presenters, they’ll be happier / an easy sell if we want to use toonly to create ondemand workshops and presentations. This seems obvious and unfortunately lacking.
Kunnal Motwani 05/02/20 13:42 flag comment
Would really want this feature.
Kwing Herrero 06/02/20 17:15 flag comment
This idea is gonna be a game changer and will make Toonly light years ahead of competition. I believe people will still buy this tool even if you raise the price of the app - this feature will justify it. But please don't raise prices lol! :D
Jane 06/02/20 17:52 flag comment
Agreed. For a business I feel it's essential to be able to match clothing colour to branding, and create more unique characters in general.
Bradley Schrader 17/02/20 02:39 flag comment
This way you could rename your characters, which are currently offensive. Is there a difference between an African American Businessman and a Zimbabwean Businessman? Why does your Native American Man have red hair? Get out of the identity politics game and just make Man 1, 2, 3, etc. with different body types that can be assigned shades of skin color and editable clothes.
Thomas Walter 17/02/20 16:16 flag comment
That sounds great and would be very helpful
Judith Melisi 22/02/20 17:26 flag comment
I keep putting off doing videos I want to create as I'm less than thrilled about the minimal selection of lipsync people ☹
Rebin Aziz 24/02/20 16:51 flag comment
stunning idea. brilliant
William Hebert 28/02/20 15:55 flag comment
Awesome if provided!
Torres Hodges 02/03/20 22:27 flag comment
So I was *just* about to buy this software, literally sent it to my business partner for consideration. However, we cannot purchase without the ability to make ourselves. We are PoC with unique hairstyles that are hoping to use animation on our youtube channel. Was *this* close to purchasing, but this was a deal-breaker
Valerie 09/03/20 08:23 flag comment
This would be a game-changer for me as well.
Trayci McConville 18/03/20 02:54 flag comment
Me likey
Tijjani Lawal 19/03/20 08:25 flag comment
I can't wait for it
Tengku Ain Kamalden 25/03/20 16:49 flag comment
Apologies - I added this idea separately also not knowing its already here... 3votes! its a must!
András Lóki 26/03/20 16:07 flag comment
It would be groundbreaking. Or it is a must? Dunno. Probably both...
Ian Trevarthen 30/03/20 00:55 flag comment
Nothing new to add. Great software - EXCEPT I couldn't purchase this without the ability to edit/create my own character versions!
Rania Fouad Ahmed 30/03/20 09:43 flag comment
Oh yes please!
[email protected] 03/04/20 09:43 flag comment
please we need it very much
lawrence pun 06/04/20 08:54 flag comment
just need more asian faces for my project. If i can customize character myself will be great.
Muhammad Ahmad 06/04/20 14:04 flag comment
Would love it.
Mubashar Saeed 06/04/20 14:47 flag comment
Please do this
Fabricio Garcia 06/04/20 17:50 flag comment
Esto sería lo ideal, así sea pagar un coste adicional, incluso hasta fabricar fondos con una herramienta fácil de usar
adrian clopotari 07/04/20 19:48 flag comment
Yes + 1 vote.
Phuong Phan 08/04/20 15:23 flag comment
Editing character appearance and activities will make the tool to the next level.
Rodolfo Pujol 09/04/20 17:38 flag comment
Its a feacture that toonly user´s need to have the perfect tool
Steve Buchus 09/04/20 20:47 flag comment
This would be a game changer. Best idea so far
Benedictus Januardi 11/04/20 01:54 flag comment
yeah it trully be great!! cant wait for it
Josh Osborne 13/04/20 12:33 flag comment
MARLIN PARABAKARAN 13/04/20 14:33 flag comment
yes, this would definitely bring this software to a whole new level.
Simon Batchelor 13/04/20 15:12 flag comment
Yes please, this would make a HUGE difference
Marco dela Pena 17/04/20 02:53 flag comment
MARLIN PARABAKARAN 17/04/20 16:00 flag comment
The ability to create the characters instead of pre-made ones will be a deal breaker for many users. Doesn't have to be as complex as the ones in Animaker 2.0 and just as someone else here suggested, the basic feature to change skin colour, hair colour and clothes colour from existing characters would already make this more useful by leaps and bounds.
Yama Ghaznawi 18/04/20 11:17 flag comment
When the Character Builder will be made? :-(
Maitri Lorenzo Ventura 18/04/20 22:11 flag comment
Yes please, absolutely
Adam Dean 19/04/20 04:34 flag comment
Absolutely, customers should have the ability to design customer characters as easy as a custom avatar. E.g.) https://avachara.com/avatar/
Rodrigo J Romero 21/04/20 13:43 flag comment
The ability to create new characters, akin to the way you create your avatar for an MMO, would be amazing!!! Especially if the character creation studio also had the ability to import custom graphic items to be included in building the character! If this included the ability to import existing animation and to edit or create new animation, it would be fantastic!!!
Orilla Crider 23/04/20 10:48 flag comment
This would be wonderful!!
Christa Swanson 23/04/20 13:46 flag comment
This would be much more efficient than the current system.
Ritesh Singh 23/04/20 15:41 flag comment
Even people are adding customised characters as object and using with so much complications for movements. Creating/adding characters in default library with save a lot of time and shall help non technical people to use it conveniently. Requesting toonly team to please do this help.
John J Richardson 23/04/20 16:39 flag comment
It would be great!
Maria Filip 23/04/20 20:47 flag comment
Victor Alejandro Abarca Navarro 26/04/20 17:47 flag comment
it would be great!
Bhupender Kumar Sundriyal 27/04/20 21:03 flag comment
I think this would save a lot of time and hardship of the developers aswell. I think this is must, as almost every one is in the need of different characters.
adm 28/04/20 07:36 flag comment
Taewoo Koo 03/05/20 06:44 flag comment
Yes. This feature will make Brad and us more richer
Lee Nicholo 05/05/20 00:17 flag comment
ankush garg 05/05/20 08:04 flag comment
Well imagine creating a character looked like you by very basic editing, like skin tone, body structure, facial hair, hair styles and accessories that can be added. with this feature toonly will become staple of every office. and with preset ques i feel its doable
masanori goto 06/05/20 20:21 flag comment
masanori goto 06/05/20 20:21 flag comment
i need it
Diego 07/05/20 15:03 flag comment
If this is done. We need clothes for professions, like mechanic car, doctor, lawyer, farmer, etc. Please.
FERNANDO SILVA CARNEIRO 09/05/20 21:55 flag comment
It would add more value to the app and also greatly to all user!!!
Rochelle Gray 12/05/20 14:44 flag comment
This would be a great feature and enhance the Toonly experiences and what you can create.
Kyama Mugambi 17/05/20 18:21 flag comment
This would be great.
jerome 22/05/20 02:40 flag comment
And the ideas and character created by others could add up to the list and benefit each other.
Jennifer Roberts 06/08/20 18:14 flag comment
Yes please!!!! I especially need to be able to put glasses on a character! There are almost no men that have glasses!
AlexChan 27/07/20 18:44 flag comment
YES! Please add the function for D.I.Y. Character, and also we can share our D.I.Y. characters as open sources for user download!
Raphael de Carvalho Palma FIlho 26/07/20 14:59 flag comment
Would this be available??
Muhammad Abdullahi 24/07/20 10:11 flag comment
This is highly recommended.
Rafael Pérez 22/07/20 20:19 flag comment
awsome idea
Bruce Wallace 21/07/20 00:17 flag comment
I am structuring a significant Toonly animation proposal for a large online educational firm, and they have asked if Toonly characters could be created specifically for their two main instructors, who are seen in much of their live video courseware. They would provide model caricature illustrations (see attached sample) for each instructor and pay for the creation of custom Toonly characters, which would have all of the animations and features of other Toonly characters.
[email protected] 30/06/20 17:43 flag comment
this suggestion is already more than 1 yr old and still not implemented?
Ziad 27/05/20 04:21 flag comment
That would be a game changer for toonly if added as a feature and can then easily compete with the likes of vyond and other industry leading animation software!
Robert Tostevin 30/05/20 08:36 flag comment
This would be a game changer and catapult Toonly to be in front of its competitors
Sandi Benec 30/05/20 18:25 flag comment
That would be great!
Mario Germino 31/05/20 10:12 flag comment
Hahaha i just submitted something similar so I should have searched. Good idea.
Alda Smith 06/06/20 14:40 flag comment
This would be great. I think it would also open this up to more markets if you could for instance create a pregnant character or a character with a baby in her arms.
Jeanette Teh 08/06/20 11:24 flag comment
Yes, pretty please, this would be awesome! It would also save the creators time as one character can be changed to different ethnicities wearing different outfits to be an office professional, teacher, doctor, police officer, etc. It is so important to be inclusive in showing diversity in characters and this would be the best way to do it. Thank you and have a great day. Stay safe and take care
Wincey Terry-Bryant 08/06/20 23:30 flag comment
This would be great. Other programs allow you to customize/create characters
Hugues Lajeunesse 10/06/20 01:57 flag comment
This would be great! If it can also use the lip sync, that would be perfect.
Rossel Onayan 13/06/20 05:35 flag comment
Hopefully it can happen even with standard edition for those tight with budget.
Preston Odenbrett 16/06/20 22:14 flag comment
I agree
Erwin Brouwers 21/06/20 20:03 flag comment
It would take away the need for creating all the special requests like military persons. Because I would simply add a com pattern as clothing and it would be done. Same for firefighters, police, etc.
RamSoft Marketing 22/06/20 18:59 flag comment
This would be a total win for this application. No limits. Creating our own characters would enable us to do whatever and it would reduce the amount of requests regarding characters.
RamSoft Marketing 22/06/20 19:00 flag comment
yes please!
Creative.CEO 25/06/20 04:10 flag comment
Since the competition also offers these features as a Character builder, I highly recommend implementing this ASAP! It can be as simple as adding both one basic/vanilla male and female skin with adjustable/selectable height and skintones, with a set of different outfits to choose from.
William Lee 27/06/20 00:29 flag comment
When this will happen? A must have and most wanted feature.
Raluca Percec 27/06/20 16:39 flag comment
This would be a game changer for Toonly.