Font size
Currently it is possible to change text size, but it is too hard to make all same size. Better to have text size in text options

Bahram Hasanov shared this idea 23/03/19 12:55
Steve 27/03/19 14:55 flag comment
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Daniel Acuna 23/04/19 12:40 flag comment
Good idea!
Timothy Stuart 02/05/19 17:51 flag comment
The ability to assign the Font size, to be able to add a second or third line of text such as entering a quote, or passage that takes up more than one line. The ability to bump the location or placement with the arrow keys
JEAN YVES TRAN 05/05/19 17:27 flag comment
[email protected] 06/05/19 17:54 flag comment
I agree.
Karen Loftus 06/05/19 22:41 flag comment
Mandeep Choudhary 16/08/19 10:47 flag comment
Font suport UTF8 (Mangal for Hindi)
Harold Buitrago 27/08/20 04:23 flag comment