30 Character images

17 Character Animations

1,058 Prop Images

71 Backgrounds

10 Premade Scenes

21 Scene Transitions

20 Background Audios

3 Text Animations

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Access to Toonly Club (Get New Characters & Props Monthly)

Create Unlimited Videos

Use On Multiple Computers

Premium Support

82 Character images

30 Character Animations

2,024 Prop Images

139 Backgrounds

20 Premade Scenes

101 Scene Transitions

142 Background Audios

5 Text Animations

Invitation To Toonly Facebook Group

Access to Toonly Club (Get New Characters & Props Monthly)

Create Unlimited Videos

Use On Multiple Computers

Premium Support


Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be used on a PC & Mac?
Do I own the work I create?

Yes, for our purposes, the user owns the work product and content the user creates using our software. We retain the rights to the software, and to the images, sounds and other creative elements that we provide you for you to use in connection with the software, and those are licensed to you in accordance with the End User Agreement. The works that you create using these elements and our software are yours, as between you and us. We do not re-use, distribute or commercialize your work product. The user is responsible for ensuring the user has all the necessary rights to the content the user creates or adds to the work product and that the user work does not violate the rights of third parties.

Is there anything to download?

Toonly is a powerful desktop application installed directly on your computer. Upon purchase, you can select to download the Windows 32 or 64 bit version, as well as the Mac version. It DOES require an Internet connection as it pulls images from the internet and your saved projects from the cloud.

What type of files does Toonly create?

Toonly allows you to easily create standard .mp4 video files that can easily be uploaded to various video sites like YouTube, etc.

Do you include step-by-step instructions?

YES! We have easy to follow videos that will show you everything from creating a video, adding your images, and even exporting!

How do I upload my own images?

Inside the software, on the left side box, on the bottom right, there is a PLUS sign. When you click it, a box will appear to upload your image and autosave that image, character or sound. It will stay saved in your software until you delete it.

Is ordering completely risk free?

YES! We ask you not to purchase if you are unsure of what Toonly does or how it will benefit you. But, if at any point in 30 days, you decide that Toonly is not for you, simply send us your receipt and we will issue a prompt and courteous refund. You will then, sadly, lose access to Toonly.

How do I get support?

Easy. You can visit our online FAQs: http://support.toonly.com or contact us directly: [email protected]. Our team of talented support specialists will respond to your query in less than 24 hours, and typically much faster.

Is there a monthly fee to use Toonly?

Toonly membership is available with your choice of an ongoing monthly subscription or a single, annual payment that is heavily discounted. Regardless of the package you choose, your membership includes on-going development and all new feature releases. Your ongoing membership allows us to continue to grow and develop Toonly, adding features that will help you create better animated explainer-style videos!

What kind of images can I upload?

We kept it simple, allowing you to add PNG, JPEG, and GIF files. Each image will also allow you to select the animation length, should you import an animated GIF. And yes you can import black and white and color images as well!

Can I add audio to a Toonly video?

YES! You can add a voiceover OR musical audio clip to Toonly videos. Toonly comes with TONS of custom-created audio background files for you to use OR you can upload your own audio within Toonly! We recommend MP3 files for size and quality.

Can I import my own fonts? Does it support multiple languages?

YES! We kept it simple to accept any language, we allow you to import ANY font. You can upload any .tiff file right into Toonly!

Does Toonly create high quality files?

YES! Toonly allows you to easily create high quality video files. Export options include: - Resolutions from 360, 480, 720, 1080, & 4k - Quality from Low (62%) - Maximum (100%)

What about Updates? How does that work?

Because our software is a hybrid Web + Desktop app, we autopush our updates straight to your computer. When an update is ready, you'll be alerted to update your software.